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Conservative Party gives its nod to Donald Trump

By Bill Lewis

The New York State Conservative Party held a meeting of its State Committee earlier this month and by a large margin endorsed Donald Trump for president. The result is that Trump will be running for president on both the Republican and Conservative Party lines in New York.

Trump spoke to the assembled gathering and emphasized the issues of jobs and immigration at the Sept. 8 meeting at a Times Square hotel. Trump indicated he will make a strong effort in New York state. The endorsement of the Conservative Party will increase Trump’s voting totals in New York.

As has been stated many times in the last several months, there has never been a presidential campaign like this one in which the two major candidates have such high negative ratings. Some voters will be voting for the candidate they dislike least.

One factor that stands out among the candidates is their totally different positions on the issues. On the issue of immigration they cannot be more different, with Trump favoring putting up a wall on our southwestern border to keep out illegal aliens and drugs. He also wants to put restrictions on the number of immigrants coming into our country. Clinton is opposed to building the wall and favors increasing immigration.

In terms of national security they take different approaches. Trump seems to be more interested in building our military and destroying ISIS. while Clinton has indicated she does not favor the use of American ground troops in Iraq and Syria.

Considering the ages of both candidates, the people are entitled to have information about their health. Hopefully, that will be forthcoming.

Clinton’s campaign has a much larger field operation than Trump has and more television commercials. However, Trump has much larger crowds at his political rallies and speaking engagements than does Clinton. An important aspect of this race is that Trump’s supporters seem more enthusiastic than Clinton’s. They also display constant strong support.

As we look at Trump’s political gatherings this would seem to indicate a strong turnout on Election Day. It may all come down to what is called the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Both candidates are putting a lot of resources into these areas.

With the summer almost over and Labor Day behind us, people’s interests seem to be turning more and more towards politics. The American presidential election, which for all purposes began two years ago, is finally nearing an end. The election began with 17 Republican and five Democratic presidential candidates. It is now down to the two major political candidates after the primary process eliminated the rest.

It would seem such a prolonged U.S. presidential race would discourage candidates from participating. Considering the large number of candidates we have had this year interested in becoming president, the process continues. That is true even though candidates have to raise large amounts of money to finance their campaigns and also need to set up a campaign organization in all 50 states.

Based on the number of candidates entering the early primaries, however, interest remains high for those seeking the presidency. This is one of the most interesting presidential campaigns in the history of our nation.

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