At long last, the city begins building a new plaza in Glendale – but not without issues

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Big changes are underway in Glendale as the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) has started working on the new pedestrian plaza at the corner of Myrtle and Cooper avenues.

Work for the project, which kicked off on Friday, Sept. 23, includes the installation of new sewer and water mains, street lighting and traffic reconfiguration. That means water service interruptions and parking restrictions for local residents.


Typical work hours for this project will be Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., DDC said. Day and weekend work may be necessary, however, and advance notice will be given of any work outside of typical daytime hours.

This project has an anticipated completion date of winter 2017.

The new plaza design will include seating options near the Zum Stammtisch restaurant and around the plaza, drinking fountains, bike racks, several new trees and beautification infrastructure, and more, all while maintaining the Glendale War Memorial.

It also aims to improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic by realigning the streets and reducing traffic speed in conjunction with Vision Zero.

If it is necessary for DDC to turn off water service, according to the DDC, nearby residents will receive written notice by 4 p.m. the day before the service interruption. If water service is shut down, it will be restored every day by 6 p.m., DDC announced. If any additional shutdowns are required, a new notice will be sent out daily until the work is completed.

According to DDC, during construction, pedestrian access to buildings will be maintained at all times. Street closures may be required intermittently. Warning signs will be posted in advance of any closures, and driveway access may be temporarily interrupted in order to complete construction.

Bus stops along Myrtle Avenue will be relocated during the course of construction. Signs and directions will be posted noting any and all changes.

Work will be performed on Myrtle/Cooper Plaza between 69th Place and 71st Street, and on adjacent streets including the following:

  • Myrtle Avenue between 69th Street and 69th Place;
  • Myrtle Avenue between 69th Place and 70th Street;
  • Myrtle Avenue between 70th and 71st streets;
  • Cooper Avenue between Myrtle Avenue and 70th Street;
  • Cooper Avenue between 69th Place and 70th Street;
  • Cooper Avenue between Myrtle Avenue and 71st Street; and
  • 71st Street between Myrtle Avenue and the Dead End.


If residents have any questions or concerns regarding this plaza project they can call Michelle Perez, the Construction Community Liaison for the project at 347-869-1369; visit the NYCDDC web site at www.nyc.gov/buildnyc; or call 311 during non-construction hours.

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