We have 5 MILLION reasons to thank our loyal QNS visitors!

Photo: Screenshot via QNS.com

Queens’ fastest-growing, ground-breaking news website, QNS.com, reached a historic milestone on Tuesday, when it received its 5 millionth page view in 2016.

More than that, stories posted on the QNS Facebook page also reached more than 10 million accounts on the social media network.

Launched last October, QNS.com replaced The Queens Courier’s website as the primary source for up-to-the-minute news from around the “World’s Borough.” News content for QNS.com is powered by The Courier and its sister publications including The Courier Sun, the Ridgewood Times, the Times Newsweekly and BORO Magazine.

As of midnight on Nov. 29, QNS.com had a total of 5,007,901 page views dating back to Jan. 1. Page views are instances in which a visitor clicked onto QNS.com or a particular page on the website. As for Facebook, QNS posts reached approximately 10,088,471 accounts in 2016.

“QNS has enabled us to reach a very large and growing audience of readers living in and interested in Queens,” said QNS co-publisher Joshua Schneps. “We’re focused on continuing that growth and elevating our dominant reach in the borough.”

“Our media company is growing with the times, providing multiple platforms for our audience,” added QNS co-publisher Victoria Schneps.

On behalf of the entire QNS.com team, we thank all of you for your support and look forward to hitting even greater heights with you in the years to come!

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