Create the bathroom of your dreams with these hot trends

Create the bathroom of your dreams with these helpful tips!

Over the last decade, bathrooms have become a major focal point in home design and remodeling. A bathroom remodel used to mean some new tiles, maybe a new vanity and some new accessories. Today, remodels include installing upscale tile, linear shower drains, feature rich vanities and under floor heating, just to name a few.

Not Your Mother’s Tile

Gone are the days where pink or white 4×4 tiles were installed throughout the bathroom. Current trends are for more luxurious bathrooms using porcelain marble-look tile, wood-look tile, large format tiles and statement feature walls. Some of our more popular collections for bathrooms are illustrated in the picture below. Prehistoric Wood mimics the look of petrified wood and comes in 4 colors and 4 sizes. It is suitable for floor and walls as well as exterior use. The collection also offers stunning mosaics. Bianco Italiano is a beautiful natural stone collection (classic Italian marble) offered in six sizes and an array of trim pieces including basket weave mosaics. For a marble look at a more affordable price, our Distinctive Marble porcelain collection is your answer. Offered in four colors and sizes, the collection also features mosaics and decorative pieces.


The Elegant Solution For Your Bathroom

 Enjoy showering in complete freedom. The Easy Drain series offers you complete freedom in designing your bathroom. You decide where and how you want to shower. These modern and timeless designer grates will give a unique look to your bathroom remodel allowing you to create a unique space without barriers.

No longer bound by traditional, ugly looking drains, Easy Drain allows you to choose from dozens of different drain styles and allows placement of your drain anywhere you want it. Easy Drain is suitable for newly built bathrooms as well as renovated bathrooms. Their extensive line of linear drains are available in dozens of sizes and unique finishes such as glass and stainless steel.


Never Walk On A Cold Tiled Floor Again

While we have just endured on of the hottest summer on record, the colder weather is not too far off. While there is much to love about this time of year, there is one thing that no one looks forward to. We’re speaking, of course, about the jolting chill of walking on cold tile flooring during the winter months.

Fortunately, radiant heated floors, or under floor heating, allow you to avoid the uncomfortable journey from the bedroom to the shower and back. Under floor heating has found its way into virtually every room in the house and even your outdoor spaces. While many hear the term “heated floors” and think of a luxury reserved for the rich, you may be surprised at how affordable–and practical–heated floors have become. Tiles Unlimited recommends Warmup, the world leader in under floor heating solutions. Its vast array of products make radiant heating a possibility in every room in your house. If you’re tired of shoveling snow, install Warmup in your driveway and entryway, as illustrated below.


Vanities Packed With Value

In our never ending search for the best products to offer, we’ve recently taken on the Eviva line of bathroom fixtures including vanities, medicine/linen cabinets and mirrors, due to their feature packed and competitively priced offerings. Gone are the days where homeowners are going to the bog box store to buy a cheaply made vanity with few features. Enter Eviva…

Many of its vanities offer features you normally have to pay extra for. You’ll marvel at the solid wood construction, standard marble counter tops, included porcelain sinks, soft-close door and drawer hardware, included door and drawer handles/knobs and many come pre-assembled so installation is a breeze. Pictured below are their Elite StamfordNatalie and Tux series, which are all available in multiple sizes.


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