Ridgewood security office used to film scene for upcoming movie ‘The Culprit’

Photos courtesy of Jorge Feliciano

One Ridgewood business is getting a starring role in an upcoming film.

The Safe and Secured Security Services/Impact Investigations, located at 411 Onderdonk Ave., was used by the Marlon Mark Production company to film a roll call scene for their upcoming police drama, “The Culprit” on Oct. 30.

The owners of the security training facility, brothers Jorge and Robert Feliciano, were excited to see their space used in the film, especially since they are both retired law enforcement officers.

“As a new business owner in the Ridgewood community we can often go overlooked compared to other filming location hot spots like Manhattan, or the trending Williamsburg,” Jorge said. “We believe this is a great opportunity to collaborate with all people in other fields to highlight their business, and a thriving community that has a lot to offer in the Ridgewood, Queens, area. We want to thank Marlon Mark Productions and wish them success in their film ‘The Culprit.’”

According to the film’s writer, director and producer, Marlon Mark, “The Culprit” is about two NYPD police officers who come from completely different backgrounds and are trying to find their place in the police department, as they are not sure if being an officer is their true calling.

Mark felt that the security training facility would be the perfect place to film his roll call scene to create a “connection” for the shoot.

ridgewood-security-business the-culprit-shoot-ridgewood-2

“I just wanted to bring in some realism to the scene and that seemed like a place where you can film a roll call scene in the muster room where the sergeant calls roll,” Mark said. “Jorge and his brother Robert are very modest and very kind people. They were also former police officers, which offered a sense of connection to the film.”

Mark was also very happy to be able to film in Ridgewood and be a part of the filming industry boom in the neighborhood.

“I thought it was a neighborly place where detective services go a long way,” Mark said of Ridgewood. “It looks like a place where you want to raise children. It looks like a safe neighborhood. It was also a fun experience filming out there. Maybe Ridgewood might be a place where we can get more movies out of soon.”

“The Culprit” is set to come out in April 2017. Here is a trailer for the film.

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