Make a splash with a freestanding tub in your bathroom

Freestanding tubs are the hottest new trend in bathroom designs

Bathtubs used to be simple things. They were attached to the wall. There was a shower head at one end. You pulled a curtain to keep water from going where it wasn’t supposed to go. But like many other aspects of home decor, tubs and showers have gone upscale.

Freestanding bathtubs are one of the hottest trends in bathroom design. Homeowners want their bathtubs to be the masterpiece of their bathrooms and freestanding bathtubs are an excellent way to achieve that.

There are plenty of reasons for this surge in popularity, not the least of which is the amazing versatility of these tubs to transform any space. Such a dramatic piece in any bathroom can also help increase the value of your home and bring a spa-like feel to your bathroom.


Built-in bathtubs are declining in popularity with some even abandoning bathtubs all together in favor of walk-in showers. For those who don’t want to give up their bathtubs, freestanding soaking tubs are the preferred bathtub of choice among 2016’s trendsetters.

Today’s freestanding tubs are a far cry from the old cast iron “claw foot” tubs many of us remember. Today’s acrylic bathtubs offer thermal-retentive properties, which cast iron tubs cannot provide, thereby maintaining bath water warmth longer. Because of the manufacturing material and process itself, cast iron designs and styles are rather limited and the tubs are extremely heavy.

Freestanding tubs come in many styles, sizes and shapes. There is something nostalgic about a soaking in a claw foot tub with candles nearby, but more modern styles provide their own sense of luxury and relaxation.  The shape and size of the tub should fit with the size of the room itself.


In a bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, the tile has a chance to be the star of the show.  The uninterrupted span of tile creates extra dimension and drama that can’t quite be replicated any other way.  This makes the floor and wall tile choice an especially important decision!

Freestanding tubs are typically installed without a surround.  This can free up more space in the bathroom or can allow more expression in the room.


The freestanding tub has more to offer than just saving space. It adds a pleasing architectural look by design. Without having a surround the tub can be viewed as a separate element in the room. The various designs for this tub may actually be unlimited. Placing a unique freestanding tub in a bathroom is almost like adding a piece of sculpture, although one is quite functional as well. Another advantage are freestanding tubs are much easier to clean.

Tiles Unlimited, dual winner in the 2017 Best of the Boro (Best Tile Store and Best Kitchen & Bath Store) competition has partnered with Eviva to offer freestanding bathtubs as well as their line of vanities, medicine and linen cabinets and mirrors. We selected Eviva due to their outstanding designs, plethora of standard features and competitive pricing.

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