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Stop the senseless slaughter of birds

By John Amato

Ever since that plane went down in the Hudson eight years ago, the wanton and senseless slaughter of thousands of birds of various species has continued unabated.

While the skies must be made safe for all planes and their passengers and crews, there is absolutely no logical justification to continue the mass killings of birds.

For one thing, there are more near misses between planes in the air and on the ground.

Then there are birds striking planes; but the public never hears about those incidents.


Also, whose bright idea was it to construct an airport right next to a federally protected wildlife preserve in Jamaica Bay?

The birds who live and migrate to that preserve were here long before the airplane was invented!

It is high time that the ASPCA, PETA and other humane organizations demand that the Port Authority find other methods of deterring bird-plane collisions, without using the constant culling and killing of these creatures.

Are we killing deer, raccoons and other wild animals that cause car accidents?

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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