Irresponsible pols bring needless panic to immigrant communities.

By Phil Orenstein

We hear that the ICE raids on criminal illegal aliens throughout our nation and in New York City have brought needless panic to the immigrant communities in Queens.

But 38 out of the total 41 New York City deportations were convicted criminals, rapists, child sex offenders, thieves, and drug dealers.

This fear and hysteria could have been avoided if irresponsible politicians and media outlets were not so quick to grandstand President Trumps immigration Executive Orders with false rhetoric and lies, to vilify our president.

Deceptive terms like anti-immigrant and Muslim ban when referring to Trump and his immigrations policies, used to stoke the flames of outrage, are disgraceful lies.

The news about 100,000 National Guard mobilizing as a deportation force is another example of one of the many fake news stories out there and an outrageous lie as well.

Some local politicians were spreading lies that ICE was terrorizing and rounding up hardworking people. Trump is not to blame for the fear spreading in immigrant communities.

This is the unintended consequences of efforts to sabotage our president’s policies, which are in keeping with his campaign promises to fulfill our government’s No. 1 role, keeping Americans safe.

We are all immigrants, and we law-abiding citizens who love America, have had enough of the malicious abuse of our president’s agenda, including our city’s sanctuary policies, harboring certain classes of criminal aliens, in defiance of federal law.

Instead of working with our president, and assuring the public against irrational fears of deportation, Mayor de Blasio and our City Council members are up on their high horses undermining President Trump’s every move, undermining America, and they should hang their heads in shame.

It’s time to finally vote all these incompetent hacks out of office.

Phil Orenstein


Queens Village Republican Club