Give your pet a tune-up

The summer season is here, and it’s a perfect time to think about the benefits of a “Tune-Up” for your pet. Here are some tips from the experts at North Shore Animal League America on how to get your pet ready for all the wonderful things this season has to offer.

Vaccinations:  Pet owners who spend time outdoors with their best friends should make certain they are up-to-date with all vaccinations, as well as be protected with flea, tick and heartworm treatments. Commit to a regular veterinary check-up for your pet and create a log that tracks treatment and vaccination dates.

Identification:  Think “safety” and check that your pet’s identification tags are updated with your accurate phone numbers and/or email information and securely fastened. Perhaps get a new collar, after all even pets love updating their wardrobe. For optimum peace of mind, consider microchipping your pet as a way of permanently ensuring that if you and your best friend are separated, he or she can be returned to you.

Dental Exam:  Dental hygiene is another effective “Tune-Up” tool, so have your pets’ teeth checked and cleaned by a vet. Plaque, gum disease and decay are known to lead to other ailments, thus, having a clean, well-maintained mouth can add years to your pets’ lives.

Grooming:  Schedule a professional grooming that includes a bath, haircut if needed, and nail trimming. Often, a groomer can spot a skin condition or growth that might be missed during a routine veterinary exam.

Weight:  Did your pet put on a few pounds over the winter? A little weight gain can be normal over the colder months, but knowing your pet’s proper body weight is key. Check with your vet to see if a special diet is in order. As warmer weather approaches outdoor exercise can aid in controlling a dog’s body weight. For felines, monitoring their food intake can make a healthy difference, plus some extra indoor play is never a bad idea.

And most importantly, at any time of the year, resolve to spay/neuter your pets. It not only controls the overpopulation of unwanted pets, but it’s best for the overall health of your pet. For more information on affordable spay/neuter services in your area, visit SpayUSA.org.

  • Submitted by North Shore Animal League America

To learn more about keeping your pet safe and healthy at all times, visit animalleague.org.

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