Pair sentenced for forced prostitution of teen girl

By Philip Newman

Two Queens men are facing lengthy prison terms for kidnaping, raping and forcing a 14-year-old girl into prostitution.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown identified the defendants as Differson Legrand, 39, of 99th Avenue in Queens and Vilo Petit, 36, of 170th Street in Queens. Both were convicted last month of kidnapping, rape and forcing prostitution.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Stephanie Zaro sentenced Legrand to seven to 13 years and Petit to 12 to 17 years in prison on Sept.13.

Brown said trial testimony indicated that the victim had run away from home and was forced by Petit and Differs to become a prostitute with the two men taking the money the girl earned. The victim fled, but was again seized by Legrand, who beat the teenager. She fled a second time and took refuge with her mother.

“It is a despicable offense against society and womanhood practiced by cold-blooded jackets who would enslave young women and victimize them for their own financial gain,” Brown said of forced prostitution.

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