Sanitation services to increase in Fresh Meadows & Jamaica Estates

Lancman sanitation
Photo courtesy of Councilman Lancman’s office

Areas of Fresh Meadows, Jamaica Estates and Briarwood will receive some extra street cleaning and beautification care, according to local lawmaker.

Councilman Rory Lancman announced a $200,000 funding allocation to support one additional day each of street cleaning service and sanitation pickup.

One extra day of street cleaning services, facilitated by Wildcat Cleaning, will take place in the following areas:

  • Main Street, from Melbourne Avenue to 78th Avenue in Kew Gardens Hills
  • Hillside Avenue, from Sutphin Blvd to 173rd Street in Jamaica Hills
  • Queens Boulevard, from Main Street to 87th Avenue in Briarwood
  • Union Turnpike, from Utopia Pkwy to 188th Street in Fresh Meadows/Jamaica Estates

With the expanded service, a four man crew will work to keep the above routes clean five days a week, according to the Councilman.

Additionally, one extra day of trash pickup will take place in the following places:

  • Main Street, from Melbourne Avenue to 76th Road in Kew Gardens Hills
  • Queens Boulevard, from Main Street to 87th Avenue in Briarwood
  • Hillside Avenue, from Parsons Blvd to 172nd Street in Jamaica Hills

Jennifer Martin, Co-President of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association, said the services will make a “huge difference.”

“Businesses and residents alike benefit when our neighborhoods and streets are clean,” Martin said. “Thank you to Council Member Lancman for again demonstrating his commitment to keeping our community clean.”

There is a high volume of pedestrian traffic in the areas chosen for additional services, NYC Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said. She encouraged residents to only discard of “light trash” in street disposal bins for cleaner neighborhoods.

“Clean neighborhoods and streets are critically important to our local economy and residents’ quality of life,” Lancman said. “It has been a top priority of mine since joining the Council to ensure that sanitation services are robust and resources are readily available. The additional street cleaning and sanitation services I am providing will help keep our community clean.”

The funding was allocated through the City Council’s Cleanup NYC Initiative. The Councilman also provided additional funding for trash bins and street cleaning services last year.

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