Give your walls an updated look with large tiles

Give your walls an updated look with large tiles

If you’ve watched any home improvement shows or visited any tile showrooms lately, you’ve probably noticed that tile sizes are growing. Most homeowners fear that their space is too small or that the “bones” of their home aren’t sufficient to accommodate a larger tile. When people refer to “large-format tile” they are referring to any tile that is larger than 15″ on one side. Here you will learn the basics about large format tile and if it is right for you. 

Size Matters

Floor tile can now be found in all sizes. The most commonly specified tile is 12, 16, 18, and 24 inches. It is not uncommon to see tiles measuring as big as 30 to 96 inches these days. Fewer grout lines with less interruption of the flooring surface is the visual key. Too many grout lines can give you the illusion that a space is smaller than it is. Rectangular shaped tiles can elongate the room, giving it a more open feel. To make the space look even larger, use a grout of the same or nearly the same color as the tile. Pictured below is the Urban Industrial large-format tile collection.


This is another situation when you can say- the fewer the grout lines, the better. With less grout to clean, you can save time and money. The tile will most likely look better longer. You can obtain almost any look with a porcelain tile which is easy to clean and unlikely to scratch or chip with everyday use. 

Wall Tiles

Large-format tiles are also growing in popularity for walls. Modern setting materials have made it possible to easily install large-format tiles on walls. Only a few years ago, this was unheard of in residential installations. You can create a seamless look on a feature wall or even a shower by using larger tiles. It is easy to wipe down and can give the illusion of a bigger space.  Mixing large-format tiles with mosaic tiles in the same color and texture provide a refined variation without significantly affecting the sense of space. Pictured below is the large-format Watercolors wall tile collection.


Tile Placement

An effective strategy for using large floor tile in small spaces is to lay the tile diagonally. A diamond pattern will prevent the viewer from determining the actual space in the room. There can be a constraint to the diagonal pattern, which is too many alcoves, doorways or other interruptions of linear wall. A room with frequently interrupted wall areas presents many challenges to laying tile diagonally. Pictured below is the large-format Contrasting Elements tile collection.



It is important to make sure that your installer is aware of the extra preparation needed when installing a larger tile. There are a number of systems out there to ensure that your floor or wall is level and will not crack over time. Some of these systems can serve multiple purposes like waterproofing and soundproofing. You also want to make sure that your tile installer is using thin-set designed for large-format tiles.  

So, before you decide that large-format tile is out of the question, make sure you consider all the benefits and talk to a Tiles Unlimited professional about how it could work for you. The experts at Tiles Unlimited stand ready to assist you in making sure your tile designs work for both you and your space. We’ll also take the time to make sure you’re using the correct installation materials. Come on over, park in our indoor parking garage, log onto out free Wi-Fi and have all the espresso you can drink. Before you come, make sure you grab your $600 off tile coupon by clicking here.

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