Second phase of Hunters Point South project in Long Island City will rise even higher after redesign

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow Visualization

Hunters Point South in Long Island City, the largest affordable housing unit to be built in New York City since the 1970s, will get a major redesign.

The second phase of construction, which will include almost 1,200 units, was originally spread out into two towers and another building perched in between. But a rail tunnel owned by Amtrak underneath the site, in addition to a power line owned by the New York Power Authority, caused designers to go back to the drawing board, according to Crain’s.

TF Cornerstone and architects ODA Architecture decided to construct several apartments on a concrete slab above the rail tunnel so that Amtrak could still gain access to the structure. But the New York Power Authority did not give developers permission to move forward with that plan.

Previous design
Previous design

Now, the two residential towers will stand 55 and 44 stories instead of 41 and 35 stories. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that 60 percent of the 5,000 units constructed as part of the Hunters Point South project would be considered affordable to low- and middle-income families. Out of the 1,200 units constructed as part of this phase, 800 units will be affordable.

The second phase will also include a $60 million elementary school at 57th Avenue and Center Boulevard, which is set to be completed by 2020.

According to a spokesperson for ODA Architecture, the space between the two buildings will host a residential courtyard, the school yard and entrance, a retail pavilion with outdoor seating and a public plaza.

TF Cornerstone will begin constructing the housing units in 2018.