We’re learning so much from this president

We’re learning so much from this president
By Robert LaRosa

The GOP senators who failed in their attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare should be ashamed. Due to the fact that they were unable to enact the Graham/Cassidy bill, millions of Americans will now be forced to … LIVE!!!

But people should stop criticizing President Trump. Thanks to him, we’ve learned that Puerto Rico is an island, and islands are surrounded by water, big water, ocean water. We’ve also learned from the president that Puerto Ricans are lazy and they would rather drink from puddles than help themselves.

That’s why, while attending a golf tournament in N.J., Trump dedicated the “President’s Cup” trophy to the lazy people of Puerto Rico. I wonder if he’ll fill it with clean drinking water? Warren G. Harding is widely considered by modern-day historians to be the worst president ever. Everyone should take note: Modern-day historians are aware of who the president is right now!

Robert LaRosa


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