MRI specialists share 5 symptoms of a concussion you shouldn’t ignore

While many people recover from a concussion without complications, a “wait and see” approach is never a good idea if you have symptoms of this traumatic brain injury. Without a proper screening, usually an MRI or CT scan, you could have undetected brain damage or a blood clot. It’s critical to seek a diagnosis as soon as you notice signs of a concussion.

5 Urgent Symptoms of a Concussion


People who complain of a localized headache or pressure in their skull after a blow to the head could have a concussion. Light or sounds also can cause irritation or discomfort in some cases.

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Some head injuries cause a person to experience blurred vision or a sense of dizziness. This can lead to stumbling and an inability to stay balanced.

Constant dizziness and blurred vision can make a person with a concussion feel nauseated. An injury to a specific part of the brain also might trigger wooziness and vomiting.

Memory Problems
Any concussion, including a mild one, can result in memory loss as a consequence of the brain damage. In some situations, a person might be unable to recall events that happened immediately before the injury. An individual also might struggle to remember names, dates, or other details for weeks or months following the head trauma.

Unusual Behavior

A concussion can affect various parts of the brain that influence behavior. These responses aren’t the same from one individual to the next, as a person can display signs ranging from sleepiness and sluggishness to agitation and an inability to answer questions. In severe situations, the injured person could convulse or have a seizure.

If you notice these signs in yourself or another person after a blow to the head, seek help immediately. Medical personnel can perform preliminary neurological tests to evaluate brain function and refer the patient for medical imaging, if necessary. A CT scan can show bleeding in the brain and an MRI could detect blood clots, preventing further damage. Your doctor also might prescribe follow-up imaging to ensure your brain has recovered.


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