Sanitation services to improve in downtown Flushing with expanded trash pickups and 50 additional waste bins

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Daniel Schwen

Flushing‘s bustling downtown area will receive additional sanitation services in an effort to maintain cleaner streets.

Starting on Nov. 22, the city doubled street cleaning efforts in downtown Flushing. Trash will now be picked up twice a day, increased from once a day.

The need for increased sanitation services was one of many topics covered at a recent town hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio at Flushing International High School on Barclay Avenue.

John Choe, executive director of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, welcomed news of the expanded service and said the organization will “continue to put pressure on the city to prioritize Flushing” for resources.

The city is also working with the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce to identify locations for up to 50 new heavy-duty garbage cans. Local business owners and residents are invited to provide suggestions for bin placement via email by contacting john[at]flushingchamber.nyc.

The garbage cans will be purchased by the city and maintained by the NYC Department of Sanitation, according to the Chamber. Officials hope the cans reduce litter in the neighborhood’s most congested areas.

“This expansion of sanitation services for downtown Flushing will have a significant impact on the neighborhood and greatly improve safety and cleanliness for local businesses and residents,” Choe said.