Samaritan returns lost wallet

Samaritan returns lost wallet
Swissport employee Maria Birmpou found a wallet with cash and credit cards on the Airtrain. The good Samaritan returned it to the owner who works at the JFK Airport.

Everyday hundreds of thousands of people work and pass through the airports to parts far and wide. And every day, wallets, passports, money, jewelry and important personal items are misplaced and lost. It is a real nightmare when this happens especially when a foreigner is on the way out of the country without a clue of how to find these before a flight departs. What is a person to do?

One of the best outcomes is for someone to find an item and make attempts to return it to its owner. This is the Good Samaritan. There are many at the airports. These people are motivated to find the owner or to make best attempts to do so. They don’t seek publicity, notoriety or even thanks; they just want to do the right thing.

So, we pay tribute to these people who return lost items especially wallets full of cash, credit card and important identification.

If you have story of such a person, please share it with us. We will share with our readers. Thank you Good Samaritans.

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