Here’s how you can continue to enjoy QNS even as Facebook pushes news off the wall

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Photo via Shutterstock, inset via QNS.com

QNS had more than 6.6 million page views in 2017, an all-time record for our website, and we keep growing every day as Queens’ go-to online news source. However, changes to Facebook could seriously affect how you get your news from us.

Honestly, one of the key drivers of our traffic is social media and, in particular, Facebook. We reach tens of thousands of people every day both with the stories we post on our Facebook account and those shared on your walls or with your friends and loved ones.

But, as you may have heard recently, Facebook is set to dramatically change what you see and what your read on your Facebook feed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media network would change its algorithm to focus more on interactions with family members and friends, while de-emphasizing content from QNS and other trusted news websites.

QNS will, of course, continue to post news stories on Facebook every day, but it’s uncertain as to how frequently you’ll be able see the content we provide directly. There are plenty of ways, however, to follow QNS with or without Facebook — and here are a few tips on how to do just that:

Follow us on Twitter

We post stories on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Content posted to your Twitter wall is posted in chronological order. You don’t have to worry about constantly toggling between “top stories” and “most recent” choices to see what you want to see on your wall. If you have a Twitter account, follow us; if you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up for one (it’s free!) and then follow us.

Sign up for our newsletter

Tens of thousands of people get our newsletter to their email inboxes every afternoon, giving them a rundown of everything we’ve posted on QNS that day. In addition, we have specialty newsletters focused on food news, real estate, events and more. Click here to sign up; it’s also free!

Change your Facebook preferences

We have to credit the New York Daily News for this one; earlier this week, they published a guide of their own on how readers can alter their Facebook preferences in order to see Daily News content. We ask our readers, however, to do the following in order to see us:

After you “Like” our QNS Facebook page, click the “Following” tab and change the preference from “Default” to “See First.” Then, scroll down to “Notifications” and turn it on to give our content priority in your news feed.

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Continue sharing our stories on your wall…

We encourage all of our readers to continue sharing our stories on their wall. Copy and paste the link from your browser to your Facebook wall, or click the Facebook icon next to one of our stories to write a comment and share the link on your account.

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…and share them with your community groups, too!

We know that many of our readers are also active with Facebook group pages for communities across our great borough, including Astoria, Bayside and Glendale. When we break news in your neighborhood, please share them with the groups as well!

Make QNS a favorite!

Finally, you can always make QNS a favorite on whatever browser you use on your smartphone. You can also do the same on your home computer by bookmarking QNS on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and (if you actually use it) Internet Explorer.

We thank you all again for your constant support, and we’re committed to providing you with the best news from Queens throughout 2018 — and for many years to come!