Parts of Queens will lose express service on 7 train for weeks while MTA makes repairs

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia/HarrisonLeong

Starting in February, straphangers living off of several stops on the 7 train will not have express train service.

Express service between 74th Street-Broadway in Jackson Heights and Queensboro Plaza stations will not be operating between Feb. 17 through March 12, the Daily News first reported.

The change is due to work on the 61st Street-Woodside station where the MTA will work to fix the support structures holding up the tracks. To complete this work, the express track needs to be removed.

“We have significant infrastructure work to do along the 7 line but dates and plans have not been finalized,” said MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek. “Many riders will not be impacted, but we will of course accommodate riders as needed.”

Trains will run express from Main Street to 74th Street-Broadway and will make local stops from 74th Street-Broadway through Queensboro Plaza. To accommodate riders, the MTA will run more frequent service along the line.

Riders expressed their frustration at a 2016 meeting with MTA officials in Sunnyside who outlined a number of infrastructure upgrades they had planned for the line, including the installation of communications-based train control or CBTC, track panel replacements and adding more on-the-go kiosks for real-time updates.





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