Aviation Development Council’s School Explorer Program

Aviation Development Council’s School Explorer Program
Bill Huisman, Executive Director Aviation Development Council; Takahisa ,Program Deputy Director Engagement & Innovation Explorer Program; several Explorer Program seniors; Jessica Nunez ,Director, Explorer Program.

Aviation Development Council (ADC), a bridge organization between our region’s aviation industry and the communities it serves, is proud to announce its partnership with the Port Authority of NY & NJ, and The Newark Museum in the museum’s ongoing ‘Explorer’s Program’, that offers Newark high- chool students an intensive internship, mentoring, college preparation, leadership training and career-building program. This is a year-round learning experience that features paid internships, small group training, science & art workshops, and access to museum professionals. The ‘Explorers Program’ also offers college preparation and guidance in career planning. Since the program inception in 1984, over 250 Newark high school students have graduated from the program to pursue their educational goals at some of the leading universities in the country.

ADC’s sponsorship of this Newark Museum training & Internship program was the result of some dialogue between ADC’s board member airlines and the Community Affairs office of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. ADC’s board members include representatives from JetBlue Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Air Canada.

“Aviation Development Council has formulated a community outreach program which is focused on youth education, youth leadership development, and youth wellness. Newark Museums’ ‘Explorers Program’ became a natural choice for our local outreach efforts’’, states Bill Huisman, the Executive Director of the Aviation Development Council.

“We are demonstrating the region’s aviation industry concern for the youth of the communities it serves, through our community outreach program and appreciate the support we receive from the Port Authority and our airline board members.”

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