Diner at an Astoria restaurant says receipt noted that his cheeseburger came with spit inside

Photo via Google Maps

A Father’s Day celebration at a popular Astoria restaurant turned sour after a man thought he received an unusual ingredient in his cheeseburger.

As first reported by WABC, Curtis Mays was at The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden at 29-19 24th Ave. celebrating Father’s Day with his daughter and granddaughter this past Sunday. Mays ordered a cheeseburger and the evening was pleasant, yet uneventful – until it was time to pay for the meal.

When the Sea Cliff, Long Island resident finished the meal, he noticed an extra ingredient listed on the receipt.

Mays told WABC that he “felt like he was going to throw up” after he saw that the instructions on the receipt said “please spit in it too.”

He asked the waitress, “Why would you do this?” but the waitress did not have an explanation. Mays also asked the waitress who was responsible for printing the receipts. When she responded that she prints the receipts for customers, Mays asked, “So you did it? Why are you lying about it?”

The management of the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden told WABC that it was “unlikely” that a cook spit in the burger. They added that they had never had problems with this particular waitress in the past.

According to Mays, the waitress was fired immediately and he received a full refund for his meal.