Maloney endorses Ramos over Peralta in Queens state senate race, cites party loyalty

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Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney announced on Thursday her endorsement of State Senate candidate Jessica Ramos over the incumbent and former Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) member Jose Peralta.

Maloney’s endorsement may come as a surprise to some, as the congresswoman previously backed Peralta during his 2010 campaign for NY-13 senator. But in her endorsement, she said that Ramos would not “turn her back on the Democratic Party” in reference to Peralta’s former IDC status.

“As Trump packs the Supreme Court with radical conservatives, we need progressive leaders in Albany now more than ever to protect labor, LGBTQ, and reproductive rights,” said Maloney. “Jessica Ramos is a public school parent, a pro-choice champion, and a strong labor advocate—and she will fight tirelessly for working families in Albany. I know Jessica will stay true to her progressive values and that she will never turn her back on the Democratic Party, that is why I’m proud to endorse Jessica Ramos for State Senate.”

From the beginning of her campaign, Ramos had been a staunch Peralta critic, condemning him for joining the IDC and blocking progressive legislation for groups like DREAMers and women. Back in February, Peralta defended his IDC membership to QNS and highlighted legislation supported by the group that was able to pass in the Senate. Such legislation included raising the minimum wage, passing paid family leave and establishing a defense fund for immigrants.

“As a leader on women’s issues and advocate for Dreamers, Congresswoman Maloney knows that the people of NY- 13 need someone who will fight for them in Albany, not someone who will empower Republicans—and I’m thrilled to have her support,” said Ramos. “For years, Jose Peralta empowered Republicans in the State Senate and helped block progressive legislation like the DREAM Act and Reproductive Health Act. I’m going to Albany to fix our subways, protect affordable housing, and fully fund our public schools—and I look forward to partnering with Congresswoman Maloney to fight for working families across this city.”

Recently, the grassroots candidate exchanged endorsements with candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon.

The Democratic primary between Peralta and Ramos is on Sept. 13. The winner of the primary will go on to the Nov. 6 general election.