Aliyah at JFK lifts spirits

Leaders, organizers, supporters, and Olim gather for a farewall song before boarding EL AL flight to Israel.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

By Jeff Yapalater

The Aliyah at JFK Airport today was touching. Ron Werner of the Jewish National Fund comforts Heidi Rothberg’s tears of joy seeing over 250 people emigrate — make aliyah — to Israel. This flight was named after Heidi because of her tireless work and support of the Olim. Heidi Rothberg Aliyah Flight 2018. El Al executives Yoram Eligrabli, Station Manager Gil Radomsky and President JFKIAT Roel Huinink were on hand with many other supporters to see the 250 Olim leave New York for a new life in Israel. Just before going through security dozens of loved ones hugged tightly not knowing when they would see each other again.

The Samuels family are Olim on the way to settle in Israel.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

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