Far Rockaway man gets 10 months in jail for viciously killing a cat two years ago

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A Far Rockaway man will spend less then a year behind bars for brutally killing a cat nearly two years ago, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Giovanni Olivo, 31, pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty and third-degree attempted intimidating a witness just before his trial was about to begin in July. He was sentenced to serve ten months in jail by the Queens Criminal Court.

As a part of his sentence, Olivo will be required to register with the New York City Department of Health as an animal abuser and will also be banned from owning pets for five years. The animal abuser registration will prevent city shelters, rescue groups and/or pet stores from allowing Olivo to purchase or adopt a pet.

“In pleading guilty, the defendant admitted to stabbing the cat, throwing her from a balcony and then stomping her to death. This was a cruel and vile act of brutality. These kinds of acts of aggression toward animals cannot – and will not – be tolerated.” said District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

According to charges, Olivo was seen throwing a cat from the balcony of his then-home on Beach 26th Street on Sept. 30, 2016. After watching the cat hit the ground, Olivo then went downstairs to the street where the cat landed and repeatedly stomped the feline, stating “you’re dead to this world.”

Several people, including children, were witnesses to the cat’s death. Charges also indicate that Olivo attempted make the case go away by trying to intimidate a witness.

“Subsequent to the defendant’s arrest on aggravated animal cruelty charges, the defendant then attempted to scheme his way out of trouble by attempting to intimidate a witness that saw him commit this horrible crime,” said District Attorney Brown. “Those who are eyewitnesses to criminal acts must be protected from outside interference that might affect their testimony. The defendant is going to jail as punishment for the vicious killing of a cat and for trying to sway a witness to lie in court.”

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