Sanitation Department will hold at least two leaf collections in Queens this fall

Photo: Shutterstock

Now all of Queens will receive free leaf collections, for at least two days, this fall.

The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) is offering free leaf pickup services for Queens neighborhoods that do not normally receive organic collection.

The first pick up date will be on Friday, Nov. 24 and the second will take place on Saturday, Dec. 8.  Leaves must be put into plastic trash containers or paper lawn and leaf bags and then set out on the curb after 4 p.m. All leaves collected will be not be thrown out with regular thrash, but instead used for composting.

There is one catch: leaves that have been gathered by someone for pay will not be collected by the DSNY. Gardeners or landscapers must dispose of collected leaves at a composting facility.

If leaves are put into plastic bags, they will not be picked up. For a full map showing the neighborhoods that receive the service and where to get free leaf bags, please check out this link.

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