Nearby street construction work forces water outage affecting Bayside businesses next week

Photo: Robert Pozarycki/QNS

Bayside businesses will have their water shut off after 9 p.m. starting next week, according to the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

According to the city agency, starting on Monday, Dec. 3, businesses located on Bell Boulevard between 35th and 39th Avenues and on 36th Avenue between Bell Boulevard and 212th Street will have their water supply shut off due to construction.

Businesses along the strip, including Maria’s Restaurant and the QNS offices, received fliers about the impending outage on Friday, Nov. 30.

DDC requires that the businesses have their water shut off starting at 9 p.m. and the supply will remain shut off for approximately eight hours.

The agency provided recommendations to each of the businesses in the designated areas “to minimize potential issues that could occur if sediment enters your premise or releases from your existing plumbing. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Immediately before the scheduled outage, shut the main house valve, which is usually located near your water meter.
  • Where applicable, also shut off any water-cooled appliances. Determine if there is sufficient water in your steam boiler and store enough water for your household needs for the duration of the shutdown.
  • Upon restoration of water service, re-open the main house valve and flush the COLD water at the highest and/or further sources from the meter until water runs clear, ideally removing the aerator screen beforehand. You may experience air exiting from the tap when you open the valve, this is normal. Leave the valve open until all the air has purged itself from the line, continue to flush until the water runs clear, then clean and replace the aerator.

DDC also issued recommendations about how to be safe against ingesting lead. They advised all those in the area to run water from all cold-water faucets for 10 minutes over the next 30 days from when the water shut off begins.

For more information, call the Department of Environmental Protection at 718-595-3496.

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