The VTOLS are coming

The VTOLS are coming

NY City to Boston in 36 minutes? How is this possible?

Well, Transcend Air wants to get business travellers directly to and from major cities with a new flying taxi service. The Boston-based aviation company has fifteen prototypes for a six-seater aircraft that will get commuters from New York to Boston (US$280) one-way in 36 minutes using its Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. The company boasts on its website “Vertical Take Off and Landing. Stroll to your flight from your office.”, however this leaves a lot of questions as to where one’s office actually is. How many buildings in Manhattan have a suitable pad on their rooftop or near by midtown. Notwithstanding, the company is already taking reservations on its website for the future service.

The company states sustainability, meeting expanding travel demands without building airports, enhanced Safety. each aircraft with its own whole-aircraft parachute and aircraft will be FAA-certified.

Their six-seater vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft flies like a jet but takes off and lands like a helicopter, meaning it can depart from almost anywhere. The aircraft features a tilt-wing, fly-by-wire design similar to the CL-84, created by Canadair in the 1960s. Seats will be comparable in size to most commercial airlines but there’ll be no restrooms to save on space. They’ll have a range of 450 miles, with speeds up to 405 miles per hour – three times faster than a helicopter.

Service is anticipated to begin 2024. Transcend is selling these aircraft to endusers as well.

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