Federal workers thankful for support from community

As the government shutdown drags on and continues to put pressure on many federal workers at the New York airports, the support from the area community has increased. Appreciation by TSA workers to supporters has increased as well.

Each day there is another pop-up food donation to be seen at different parts of the airports. Some terminal operators are providing food and space for companies to set up food tables to distribute to those impacted by the shutdown.

This generosity is noted by the recipient workers being truly grateful for the outpouring of public support from airport vendors, restaurants, local establishments, and families.

At JFK, the area near the chapels has become the ad hoc cafeteria of sorts. Here vetted supporters have set up different free food tables. This food ranges from hot meals, soup, sandwiches, cookies, chips, water, soda and even bags that have been filled with necessities for workers to bring home.

The TSA workers at one of the terminals have set up a an Appreciation Board. Here one can see a wide range of colorful pinned up notes each with a special thanks from a government worker.

As seen on the news there are many reports of differing reactions from workers during the shutdown. This is not a surprise since going without a paycheck for weeks can be devastating for a young worker who has not had the opportunity to save for that” rainy day.”

That rainy day has come and surprised many that live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, it is documented by various studies that close to 70 percent of American workers live from check to check.

As a result of the inability to pay bills, an untold number of workers have taken second jobs, or are in the process of finding a new job. One worker said that he never thought that he wouldn’t be paid by the U.S. government.

Recently, one top government official suggested that workers take a loan out while the shutdown continues. If that person spoke to affected workers he would find that the credit scores or work history may make it impossible to get any legitimate loan during such an unpredictable time.

However, there are many struggling through the shutdown, managing the hardships. Still, many don’t forget to thank all those people and companies that are stepping up and providing food in a tribute to the men and women of the TSA, Customs, Coast Guard, FAA, F.B.I. and other agency individuals that come to work and help to keep traveling possible.

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