First baby of 2019, nicknamed ‘007’ by a nurse, born to Kew Gardens Hills parents

Photo: Mark Hallum/QNS

A Queens couple welcomed the first baby born in New York state this year just seven seconds after the ball dropped in Times Square.

Eli and Adina Derdik of Kew Gardens Hills welcomed their new boy to the world at seven seconds past midnight on Jan. 1 at Northwell Long Island Jewish Medical Center on the Queens/Nassau border. The infant’s timely arrival prompted one nurse to nickname him “007.”

As it happens, the boy doesn’t yet have a name. The Derdiks observe the Jewish tradition of refraining from naming a child until the eighth day after birth, and they recognize the New Year during Rosh Hashanah, which falls in late September. Nonetheless, they and Northwell Health allowed reporters to swarm their hospital room for a few short minutes on New Year’s Day.

“This is not the Jewish New Year so we don’t celebrate it as much, but it’s obviously the start of a new year for everyone and it’s exciting to start it off in an exciting way with this blessing,” Adina Derdik, 24, said. “The ball dropping in Times Square was playing [on a TV] in the background.”

Born seven seconds after midnight, the 7 pound, 15 ounce baby is the second son the young couple has given birth to, according to Michelle Pinto from North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital.

Eli Derdik, 28, joked about the new baby stealing his thunder being unexpectedly born a week early, the day before his own birthday.

“My wife always thinks I’m the hardest person to find a birthday present for, and this was up there – this was number one,” Derdik said.

The Derdiks said that they are looking forward to settling into their new routine with the most recent addition to the family. When naming their second-born son, they do not expect to incorporate his title as New York state’s first baby born in 2019, preferring names that have been in the family.

Their first child, Azi, will soon turn 4 years old.