White Coffee in Long Island City releases new ‘Fourscore’ blend in honor of 80th Anniversary

Long Island City coffee roaster and importer White Coffee is celebrating its 80-year anniversary with the release of a new blend.

The special medium roast blend called Fourscore will be officially released this week at the Winter Fancy Food Festival in San Fransisco and will be sold in retail outlets worldwide.

White Coffee boasts more than 400 unique flavors and blends and currently has contracts with several high-profile chains like Entenmann’s, Joltin’ Joe, First Colony specialty coffees and Jim Beam. Fourscore is a breakfast-blend like flavor with sweet notes but with a full body.

After 80 years of business, the company has a lot to commemorate.

White Coffee started out as White-Kobrick coffee in 1939 sold America’s most beloved dark beverage to offices. When founder David White decided to branch out on his own that same year, White Coffee continued to sell primarily to offices.

The current front of White Coffee in Astoria.

But as coffee consumption in the United States climbed in the 1950s so did the company’s success. Soon, White Coffee Corporations success is the office coffee supply world carried them over to the food service industry.

When David White died in the 1970s, his son Irwin headed the company as the age of gourmet coffee hit the U.S. The company at this time would give seminars to their customers around the country and at the Astoria factory. White Coffee was the force behind the “specialty coffee” wave that hit the industry.

In the 1980s, White Coffee was one of the first to use vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of its coffee. In 2013, the company began selling recyclable, organic, single-cup coffees. The next year, White Coffee took the idea of sustainability in coffee one step further by launching biodegradable single cups.

A major factor in why White Coffee has been able to grow and be a pioneer in the coffee world is that people seem to like their products.

“You don’t retain customer’s across the nation for 10, 15, 20 years or more unless you keep them very satisfied,” said Executive Vice President Johnathan White.

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