New ‘L.I. Centric’ art show debuts this month at the Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City

Photo by Orestes Gonzalez

A group of Long Island City creatives is ready to show the world their version of the beloved Queens neighborhood.

‘L.I. Centric – Neighborhood Portraits and Their Stories’ is one of the newest exhibits that will be presented by Long Island City Artists (LiC-A) at The Plaxall Gallery.

Norma Homburg curated the show which features local artists Orestes Gonzalez, Jonathan Lev, Manolo Salas, Tony Vaccaro and Jesse Winter. Together, the group aims to highlight local figures in Long Island City through a series of “vibrant, personalized portraits.”

“The initial proposal for this exhibition came from local artists themselves,” said Homburg. “Supported and creatively moved by their peers for decades, they wanted to show how much local artists’, small business owners and neighbors work has contributed to this community. LIC-a’s Exhibition Committee felt the timing was right. Viewers not only get to see the invaluable contributions to this neighborhood that these artists offer, but how this work crosses cultural paths and spotlights the diverse talent and brilliance alive in Long Island City.”

The artists will present a combination of photographs and drawn portraits of local residents and cultural leaders well known in LIC.

“Even within the small group of artists whose work is being exhibited in  L.I. Centric , the viewer can see that the artists have created portraits of each other showing their mutual respect for their peers in LIC,” Homburg said. This show really came about because of the artists. They have created this body of work that just needed to be curated and pulled together.”

The opening reception for L.I. Centric is on Saturday, Feb. 9 from 6 to 10 p.m. Guests will be treated to the musical stylings of renowned LIC-based musicians including TrioLIC consisting of members Stu Gruskin, Alan Feldenkris and Ron Pierrot, Ken Butler and Pat Irwin and J Walter Hawkes.

Three other exhibits are also debuting at The Plaxall Gallery on Feb. 9 — ‘Pairings’ curated by Nancy Gesimondo, an interactive workshop and exhibit called ‘Towards Light & Color’ and ‘Fluxico’ featuring artwork by Julia Equi and Davi Leventhal.

All shows are on view from Feb. 7 to March 3 at The Plaxall Gallery at 5-25 46th Ave. Viewing hours are on Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m. (Life Drawing), and Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. For more information visit licartists.org.