The British are coming, to JFK

The British are coming, to JFK
British Airways retro BOAC 747 arrives at JFK to celebrate 100 years of service in world aviation. British Airways goodwill ambassadors, Jane Ainley, and Victoria Long, dressed in retro 60’s BOAC uniforms, in front of the arriving legacy painted British ” Queens of the Skies” Airways BOAC 747 at JFK Airport. The arrival of the recently repainted classic branding aircraft kicked off the 100th Year anniversary here in the USA for the company originally named Imperial, BOAC and now British Airways in a heritage tribute to a longlasting airline brand that is now building a new image and comforts in its expanding fleet of Boeing 777s, 787s and Airbus A350s.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Retro is in!

This is evident by the recent restoration of the TWA terminal at JFK Airport and by the rebranding of British Airways with the painting of their Boeing 747 with the iconic look and colors of the BOAC livery existing before 1971. The Centennial of the British Airways heritage celebration was marked by the arrival of the aircraft to excited plane spotters at JFK.

The 747 is a staple aircraft in the current fleet and it as recently repainted with retro look of BOAC and flown into JFK Airport to promote the 100th year anniversary of the airline and to launch new brand campaign.

This campaign includes new advertising which lauds its new business comfort, the warmth of British heritage and opens its arms welcoming the diverse cultures wanting to fly to London from New York.

Representatives from the BA Heritage museum hosted an event featuring late 1060’ memorabilia, recreated vinyl British Airways tote bags, and shared the fresh look of the marketing campaign. Guests were given the opportunity to actually watch the “Queen of the Skies” 747 taxi to the gat and partake in the arrival excitement.

This particular 747 will continue to fly until the whole fleet transitions to the new Boeing 777s and Dreamliners.

But in the meanwhile, many veteran travelers remember the thrill and amenities that the original 747 offered to passengers, and related this to the same feeling of the BA Concorde.

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