Street cleaning expansion in Astoria aims to keep roads neat while also stopping long-term parking

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Photo via Google Maps

After years of advocacy from neighborhood civic organizations and local representatives, the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced Monday that it will implement new alternate side parking regulations in western areas of Astoria.

The Old Astoria Neighborhood Association (OANA) has been leading the charge to put these regulations in place. Richard Khuzami, presidents of the OANA, believes that the street cleaning system will contribute help beautify the neighborhood and cut down on long-term parking for drivers, thereby opening up more spots for the residents. 

The new system will provide cleaning once per week on both sides of the street. Once the sign changes are complete throughout the entire area, the new regulations will take effect, with advance public notice before enforcement resumes.

Photo courtesy of OANA

The bounds of the area where the DOT will implement the street cleaning are as follows:

North: Astoria Park South (included) from Shore Road to 21st Street.

East: 21st Street (not included) from Astoria Park South/Hoyt Avenue to Broadway.

South: Broadway (included) from 21st Street to Vernon Boulevard.

West: East River from Broadway to Astoria Park South.

These changes do not affect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. rules, parking meters, or any rules which are not street cleaning regulations. For more information, call 311 or visit the Department of Sanitation’s website at www.nyc.gov/dsny.

Street cleaning regulations in surrounding parts of the Astoria community are temporarily suspended until the DOT installs signs displaying the new rules.