A View from the Cliff: Flamenco LIC dazzles with breathtaking dances at Long Island City’s Secret Theatre

Gabriela Granados photo courtesy ABDC (2)
Courtesy of American Bolero Dance Company


The mainstage is bare. The house is dark. And then suddenly — lights!

The dancers and singers sweep onstage. Their prideful swagger mysteriously combines with anguished loneliness. Their heads are tilted backward in feigned arrogance. Bright roses adorn their hair. They look directly into the audience with mesmerizing efficiency. Their fingers snap as wooden castanets click again and again. Olé, Olé!

The American Bolero Dance Company (ABDC) has returned, led by the internationally renowned director/dancer/designer Gabriela Granados.  This autumn’s production is “Flamenco LIC,” presented at Secret Theatre.

The legendary José Molina’s legacy is the theme.  Granados recites a beautiful Spanish poem. The mood of the evening has been set.

Every segment highlights a different aspect of flamenco.  The fandango, “caracoles,” soleas and several more styles meet the audience’s approval.  The singers offer powerfully haunting rhythms as hands clap ceaselessly and musicians attack their instruments with passion.

But it is the dancing that truly dominates the evening. A breathtaking solo by Jose Moreno is unequaled. The stage barely withstands the unforgiving pounding. Bravisimo!

Each performer is a glorious tribute to the memory of Molina, an international flamenco legend. Just a few of the night’s shining stars are dancers Sol “La Argentinita,” Anna de la Paz, Debra Anich, and Adriana Jacinto. The singers include Aurora Reyes and La Conja. Some of the featured musicians are Basilio Georges, Raphael Brunn, William Hobbs and Guillermo Barron. Kudos to behind the scenes support and others onstage inadvertently omitted.

For information on this program and other projects by the American Bolero Dance Company including their acclaimed dancing schools, surf to www.ambolero.com, call 718-392-3840 or check social media.

As always, save me a seat on the aisle. 

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