Cuomo announces $60 million investment to ensure a proper count of all New Yorkers in the 2020 Census

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The state will spend as much as $60 million to make sure that every New Yorker is counted in the upcoming 2020 U.S. Census, announced Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Resources will be leveraged across dozens of state agencies, public authorities, CUNY and SUNY which will launch a wide-reaching campaign valued at $40 million that will inform the public about the need for a full count.

Additionally, $20 million from the 2020 budget will be made available to support efforts to reach out to immigrant communities across the state.

“Counting every New Yorker in the 2020 Census is critical to ensuring we are accurately represented in Congress and receive the federal funding we deserve,” Cuomo said. “While the federal government has thrown up roadblock after roadblock, spreading fear among immigrant communities in the process, in New York we will break through and make sure that even our most difficult to reach communities are counted.”

The state support builds on the findings and recommendations released in October by the state’s Complete Count Commission, which held 10 public hearings and reviewed hundreds of comments, expert testimonies and in-depth analysis of previous census results. The commission found that the 2020 Census faces unprecedented challenges.

For the first time, it will be conducted online, and while the Trump administration failed in its efforts to include a citizenship question, its attempts to do so spread fear among immigrant communities. Census data helps to determine the distribution of federal funds, including $73 billion to New York state. This funding supports programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, school lunch vouchers, the children’s health insurance program and heating assistance in winter.

“The 2020 Census determines critical funding and representation for New York state, and we cannot afford to get it wrong,” Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney said. “I thank Governor Cuomo, CUNY, SUNY and the state agencies who are using their resources to launch a statewide census awareness campaign to ensure an accurate count of all New Yorkers.”

States and cities like New York also use Census data for nearly every planning decision they make such as projecting student populations and designing transportation routes. Businesses of every size in every sector rely on census data for strategic planning, whether to open a new store and where, whether to launch a new product, or how to advertise their business.

Our communities must have the tools and resources they need to combat the Trump administration’s attempts to undercount New Yorkers and spread fear among immigrants,” Maloney said. “This critical and unprecedented $60 million investment brings us one step closer to a full and accurate count. Protecting the 2020 Census protects New York and our future.”

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