Report finds that Middle Village has the highest spike in dog poop complaints this year

Green Dog Waste bin in a public park
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A recent report found that that the dog poop sh*tuation is out of control in Queens, particularly in Middle Village.

A new report from RentHop.com sought to find out which neighborhoods in New York City were among the dirtiest in terms of dog poop complaints. According to the study, the city received a total of 1,714 poop complaints, or “canine violations,” marking a 17.5 percent decrease compared to 2018. However, Queens had the most amount of dog poop complaints compared to the rest of the New York City, with 645 complaints filed in 2018, and 529 so far in 2019.

The report found that Middle Village had the highest increase in dog poop complaints — with two complaints in 2017 and 20 in 2018, marking a 205 percent increase year-over-year. So far, Middle Village has had 86 dog poop complaints in 2019, marking a 41 percent increase. This translates to 57.7 poop complaints per 10,000 Middle Village households in 2019, making it the dirtiest neighborhood in New York City.

Maspeth, which previously held the title as New York City’s dirtiest neighborhood, was found to be the third dirtiest neighborhood in New York City in terms of canine violations this year. Maspeth’s dog poop complaints jumped from 18 complaints in 2017 to 44 complaints in 2018, marking a 144 percent increase year-over-year, plus 20 complaints so far in 2019.

While complaints are climbing in southwest Queens, other areas of the borough are seeing decreases in complaints. In the Jamaica Estates-Holliswood areas, there were zero poop complaints per 10,000 households in 2019, decreasing from 3.2 poop complaints per 10,000 households in 2018 and 7.4 poop complaints per 10,000 households in 2017.

RentHop’s report also found that neighborhoods with higher rents had fewer dog poop complaints throughout the year. While complaints have generally been decreasing overall in New York City since 2011, February and March are historically the worst months to encounter dog poop in for city residents.

To read the full report, visit www.renthop.com/studies/nyc/2019-nyc-poop-crisis.

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