The David Prize is offering $200,000 to New Yorkers with brilliant ideas about how to make the city a better place

david prize
Photo courtesy of The David Prize

The David Prize invites New Yorkers who love, work and live in one of the five boroughs to submit their best ideas to make the city a better place for a chance to win $200,000.

The prize, which comes in the form of unrestricted capital and no strings attached, would go to five New Yorkers with a unique vision and concrete ways to achieve that vision. The ideas to help improve the city can come in any form — whether it’s socially, economically, culturally, environmentally or otherwise.

This is the first year The Walentas Family Foundation launched the award, according to The David Prize’s Executive Director Erika Boll.

Boll told QNS that the inspiration for this prize came from David Walentas himself.

“He directly shaped a lot of the New York City that we know and call home today, and as part of that work, he’s been supporting other individuals through philanthropy,” Boll said.

 Now, they want to find more people who can continue to make the city a better place to live.

Boll said that the most important thing about The David Prize is that it welcomes everyone to apply.

“We have a real focus on individuals, we want to hear from anyone,” Boll said. “Any New Yorker can win.”

People can either apply with their own ideas or nominate someone. The requirements are straight-forward:

  1. The applicant must be a New Yorker and live or work in the five boroughs.
  2. They have to have a bold vision that will ultimately help people in the city and have concrete ideas about specific activities or ways that they will move forward that vision.
  3. They need to tell The David Prize why they’re the best person to make that vision come to life.
  4. They must have a real need for the $200,000 — as in, the prize itself can be catalytic for that work and will help the vision grow in a significant way.

If you want to learn more, The David Prize is hosting a free event at the CUNY School of Law on Tuesday, Nov. 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. There is also a step-by-step information sheet that you can access on their website.

The deadline for The David Prize application is on Dec. 1. They plan to announce the winners sometime in the spring.

For more information and to submit in your ideas, visit www.thedavidprize.org.