Business restrictions in New York go further with no more 25% workforce allowed to report

Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the new coronavirus numbers are not a sign of faster spread, but simply more widespread testing. Despite this further restrictions on the workplace will be mandated, he announced Thursday.

On Wednesday, the governor restricted workplaces to only staff 50 percent of personnel at once, and now that has reduced further to only 25 percent of employees reporting to the workplace.

“We’ve been taking increasing steps on density reduction because the numbers have been increasing. Again this is driven by science and data… The numbers have gone up overnight, I’m going to increase the density control today. No more than 25 percent of people can be in the workforce,” Cuomo said. “That means 75 percent of the workforce must stay home.”

Another action Cuomo is putting into play will bring 90 day relief to homeowners undergoing financial hardship who will qualify for a freeze on mortgage payments.

“If you are not working, if you’re working only part time, we’re going to have the banks and financial institution waive mortgage payments for you,” Cuomo said. “Waiving these payments will not have a negative affect on your credit report.”

There will also be a hold on late fees or online payment fees as well as postponements and suspensions of foreclosures, Cuomo said. Overdraft fees will also be waived.

There was no mention as whether or not any of these measures would apply to renters but there was a moratorium placed evictions just three days ago.

Total positive cases in the state are now at 4,152 with new cases accounting for 1,769. About 2,469 of the total cases are in the five boroughs.

Cuomo, however, warned the public not to sweat it. The increase in confirmed cases may not represent new cases, simply just new discovered positives that down represent spread.

“We tested 7,500 people last night. Why are you seeing those numbers go up? Because we are taking more tests,” Cuomo added. “People see those numbers go up, they get nervous, they panic, ‘oh look how many more people have the virus.’ That’s not how many more people have the virus. You’re just taking more tests so you’re finding new positives.”

To Cuomo, the most relevant number to look at the number of hospitalizations.

Only 777 out of 4,152 cases have required hospitalization, or about 19%, the Cuomo administration calculates.

Cuomo warned younger New Yorkers that continuing with Spring Break plans and other social activities may not be dangerous to those individuals, but it would not help with the spread and could result in vulnerable individuals contracting the virus; possibly killing them.

“We grow too soon old, too late smart,” Cuomo said , quoting his grandfather Andrea. “This is so unintelligent and dangerous.”

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