Indoor Exercise for Kids: Online Classes and Games During Coronavirus


Indoor Exercise for Kids

With tons of NYC closures, parents are trying to find ways to keep their kids occupied and active. Although outdoor play is limited, there are many creative activities to put together or get involved in. Simple household items you have lying around can be used to make fun games so your kids can stay active indoors. Still having trouble thinking of creative ways to entertain your kids? Here is a list of indoor games and online classes for indoor exercise for kids.

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Online Exercise Classes

Obé Fitness Live Classes

This program allows parents and their kids to join in on the fun while getting a good workout in. Obé offers kid classes in dance and strength that are 10 minutes long and for ages 3-10. They even have fun videos where kids can rock out to Kidz Bop songs. Use code: ATHOME for access.

BalletNova Center for Dance

The dance studio announced that they will be offering free live-streamed classes on Facebook Live that will be taught by faculty! Throughout each week, new schedules will be put out with a list of different classes to choose from and join! For kids who are just starting out in their dance career, BalletNova offers children’s ballet for young dancers.

Little Gym

Give your active kids a chance to work off some energy! The Little Gym offers classes that will be streaming on Facebook Live and will have your kids up and active. Classes range from all different ages and skill levels. Little Gym also offers parent/child classes so moms and dads can join in on the fun!

Bee You Kids Yoga Studio

Bee You Kids offers free yoga classes for kids that can be streamed from your home! New videos are put out each week so kids of all ages can practice new yoga techniques and skills! Through Zoom, kids can join in on the fun and really stretch out and relax while being stuck inside — a great option for indoor exercise for kids!

Karma Kids Yoga

At Karma Kids Yoga, teachers are dedicated to giving a variety of yoga tools to kids that they can use throughout their lives. They are encouraged to “play” yoga and learn about breath and body movement in an exciting way. Karma Kids Yoga is currently streaming classes on their Youtube channel and on Instagram.

Alo Yoga for Kids

Kids can practice yoga for free with these mindfulness classes that teach kids about finding calmness, quieting negativity, and more! Choose classes like Crisscross Yogasauce, Animal Yoga, and more!


Moovlee is great for toddlers who need to move around while parents work from home. These friendly monkeys guide your kids through several different workouts including yoga, meditation, stretching, and even Kung Fu! Browse through their video library on Youtube whenever you need some indoor exercise for kids.

Popsugar Fitness: Family-Fun Cardio Workout

When the kids have a burst of energy at home, turn this video on for a family-friendly cardio workout. Kids and parents can both participate in these fun cardio games and challenges. The best part is that this video keeps kids motivated with prizes such as picking what’s for dinner.

Little Sports

These videos are easy for kids to follow as they are guided through a variety of videos that encourage kids to stretch, do cardio moves, and more! Each video is around 15 minutes long and is a great way to keep kids engaged in physical activity.

Kidz Bop Dance Along

Sing and dance along with Kidz Bop! Kids will be dancing to their favorite songs and focused as they learn the choreography to each dance video. They can dance to “Old Town Road,” “If I Can’t Have You,” “Truth Hurts,” and more well-known songs.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga makes yoga and mindfulness fun for kids through stories that kids love. Kids can choose several magical settings which include Harry Potter, Frozen, and Moana yoga! Alternatively, kids can choose Cosmic Kid’s Zen Den which teaches them about their feelings and breathing techniques.

Indoor Games

Hallway Soccer

If you have some masking tape and a small plastic ball lying around, then you have all the materials needed to play a game of hallway soccer! Set up a net on the opposite ends of the hallway by putting some of the masking tape on the floor. Once the field is all set up, divide into teams and enjoy the fun!

Hallway Bowling

This is a free and easy way to get the whole family up and active! Simply find either empty water bottles or any containers you have in the house and fill them up with water (regular bowling uses 10 pins but 6 can also work for at-home bowling). Set them up in a triangle either at the end of the hallway or up against a wall. Once it’s all set up, take a ball and start bowling! For toddlers, a larger ball will be easier for them to use!

Broom Hockey

This game is set up similar to hallway soccer, use masking tape to set up the nets on opposite ends of the hallway. Once the nets are set up, divide into teams and make sure every player has a broom. If you are a part of a hockey family, you might have a rubber or plastic puck lying around that will work perfectly for the game. If you don’t have a puck handy, using a tennis ball works just as well. The team that gets 10 points first, wins!

Hula Hoop

Hula-hooping is a great way to strengthen your child’s core while being stuck inside. Make sure they are far away from any furniture or breakable household items, then let them have at it! If you want to think of ways to mix it up, have your kids try to hula hoop while walking backward or spin the hoop around their ankles or arms.

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