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From the beginning, the team at QNS has dedicated itself to providing New Yorkers with the most up-to-date information on the important issues and matters going on in New York City.

That commitment does not change during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The rest of New York City may be cancelling events and large functions, but we will continue to serve as your eyes, ears and voice for news related to the crisis.

As always, we will provide this news to you in print and online, so you won’t miss anything.

Our team, while taking precautions, will work hard to inform you of the latest details of the crisis, while also reporting on other major stories developing across the city and country.

Visit us online at QNS.com regularly for news about the coronavirus outbreak both locally and across the country and globe.

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We will still deliver papers every publication week to newsboxes, kiosks and other distribution points across the borough.

We thank all of you for your constant support. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Victoria Schneps, 
President and Co-Publisher
Josh Schneps,
CEO and Co-Publisher

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