Over 75 Department of Education employees have died because of the novel coronavirus

NEXU Science Communication/via REUTERS

As of May 1, 78 Department of Education employees have died due to complications caused by the novel coronavirus.

Those who have passed away include 28 teachers, 28 paraprofessionals, three food service staffers, two administrators, two facilities staffers, two school aids, two guidance counselors, a parent-teacher coordinator, a School Computer Technology Specialist and three central office employees.

Out of the school-based staff members who have died because of the virus, 25 worked in schools in Brooklyn, 18 worked in the Bronx, 14 worked in Queens, eight in Manhattan and four in a Staten Island school, according to the DOE.

“In addition to these individuals, we’ve lost important members of our school communities including school safety agents and nurses, and we are supporting those students and staff throughout this incredibly difficult time,” DOE spokesperson Miranda Barbot wrote in an e-mail.

The department began releasing data on the number of novel coronavirus-related deaths on April 13, after repeated calls from parents, teachers, union leaders, lawmakers and students.

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