St. John’s Episcopal Hospital employees kneel in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement

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Photo courtesy of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital.

Employees of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital gathered outside of the Far Rockaway hospital on Tuesday to kneel in solidarity with demonstrators across the world calling for justice for George Floyd and an end to police brutality against Black people.

“St. John’s Episcopal Hospital stands for social justice and equality for all people,” said Jerry Walsh, the hospital’s chief executive officer. “We hear our community and stand in solidarity with them.”

Together, St. John’s Episcopal team members kneeled for eight minutes and 46 seconds — the amount of time former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin dug his knee into Floyd’s neck, leading to his death.

The demonstration was organized by resident physician Chukwuebuka Udokwu, hospital leadership, members of 1199SWIU and members of the NYPD’s 101st Precinct.

“If anyone asks you what St. John’s stand for, tell them that we stand for social justice,” said Renee Hastick-Motes, the hospital’s vice president of external affairs. “We understand that if anyone in our community is crying and in need, then we as a hospital are crying and in need. We are one with our community.”