Fun ways to get around and outdoors for summer 2020

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Mongoose React E2 Kids Electric Scooter

By Jana Beauchamp

We all enjoy getting a safe, breath of fresh air and being able to move and groove outdoors more than ever. Activate your body while cruising around the city with these fun and novel ways to get out and about and get some exercise, too.

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Fun Ways to Get Around

The new Mongoose React E2 Kids Electric Scooter is too cool for school! Turn heads on with this exciting, electric scooter that is lightweight, ultra-quiet, and ready to cruise any sidewalk. Push off with your feet and then hop back on and use the green, push button to throttle. The motor tops out at 10 miles per hour and it can travel over eight miles on a single charge. When the battery runs out, the React E2 converts into a kick scooter for resistance-free riding. Kids love that it is easy to ride and super cool, and parents love that the durable wheels offer a stable ride while the rear foot brake disengages the motor to make stopping safe and simple.

Guardian Kids Bikes are known for best in class safety and their mission is accident-free biking which is music to parents’ ears. It was love at first sight when we saw them on Shark Tank and the rest is history. Use their RideSizer to find the just-right size bike and try it risk-free for 100 days. Parents love that Guardian has worked to create the safest children’s bike brand with their Sure Stop Technology and kids love the cool color combos. Kids of all ages will feel safe and strong.

Pic® Skates caught our attention by storm with their urban skating videos like the heartfelt Black Lives Matter skate by Katrice Saunders. The Pic® Skate is truly a dream come true for skaters and has become a leader in the inline figure skating industry.  It is fun for those just learning to skate but also allows sophisticated skaters to challenge themselves. Once you start, you won’t want to stop executing those tight turns, axel jumps, spectacular spins, and fancy footwork. Skaters will love all the opportunities for off-ice training with the smooth and easy to use Pic® Skate.

Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter and Razor A Scooter with Light Up Wheels are the perfect scooters for your little loved ones. Kids will love the new Wild Ones junior kick scooter from Razor with the Shark, Dinosaur, and Unicorn inspired designs to choose from. Parents will love that it’s designed to help new riders build the balance they need to safely and confidently ride a two-wheeled scooter. The Kick Scooter that has been the long-standing go-to ride for urban dwellers, celebrities, commuters, and anyone who’s going places. Kids love that it comes in a variety of colors and will especially love that it now features light-up wheels. It’s a ray of light!

Woom Bikes loves bicycles and loves to make children happy. And kids love them, too! Their six specialty Woom bikes designed for children between one and a half and fourteen years of age weigh 40% less than most children’s bikes and this makes Woom bikes the lightest series-production children’s bikes in the world. Kids will love that on a Woom bike, they learn to ride up to three times faster than on other bikes, and parents love that 90% of their bike parts have been specially developed for children and produced exclusively for Woom in order to match the specific needs and anatomies of children.

Kids will love cruising the neighborhood on their favorite new set of wheels with the HoverTrax 1.5. Step up on the deck, feel the sensation of the smooth ride, and you’ll squeal with delight. Kids will love the pure thrill and the super duper, self-balancing technology. Parents will love that the Hovertrax 1.5 gives kids 45-minutes of blissful, supercharged riding while meeting safety standards.

Looking for a tried and true, traditional skate to learn to roller skate? Roller Derby youth skates is the way to go. The company calls itself America’s Skating Company with good reason: they have been making skating magic for more than 80 years. Kids will love that you can find Roller Derby products in a variety of fun colors and designs (one is even called the Fun Roll) and parents will love that they are affordable and are adjustable to grow with your child.

Radio Flyer’s Build-A-Trike allows you to customize a convertible trike that will grow with your child as they learn to pedal. The trike is a forever favorite for little tykes to feel independent and have fun when first learning to get around on wheels. Suitable for infants as young as 9 months old to kids up to 5 years, this kids trike is the perfect vehicle to keep on hand instead of a stroller! Kids will love the adorable design and independence and parents will love the entire build-a-collection and its adjustable nature that lets it grow with your child. The Convertible Stroller Build a Wagon, and Fold 2 Go Trike, coming soon, will be great for city kids and parents for both its convenience and adventure.

Micro Kickboard: Sprite Deluxe has a sleek design that features a new integrated tube light and chopper-style handlebars. The light makes it easier for riders to see and be seen and the wider handlebars make for a more comfortable ride and easy turning. This scooter is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and the T-bar’s height is adjustable which can accommodate both kids and adults. And if you need a new part, Micro’s parts are all replaceable so your scooter can last!

Brompton Bikes are a natural wonder for big kids. These iconic folding bikes are perfect for commuting and city living. They are made and assembled by hand to ensure quality and durability. The effortless folding of the bike into a compact size is easy as pie. Brompton Bikes can also be carried and stored with ease wherever and whenever you have to go. Plus, their small wheels mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneuverability through busy streets.

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