Queens lawmakers to host virtual ranked choice voting seminar

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File photo by Dean Moses

Assembly members Nily Rozic and Daniel Rosenthal will be partnering with Common Cause NY to host a virtual ranked choice voting seminar on Thursday, Dec. 3, at 5 p.m. 

Ranked choice voting will begin in Queens next year with the Feb. 2 special election for the District 24 City Council District seat.

“New York is making strides in implementing voting reforms, but with that comes the need to educate and inform voters,” Rozic said. “With the February special election around the corner, teaming up with Common Cause and Assemblyman Rosenthal will provide voters with the knowledge needed for a successful first run of ranked choice voting in NYC.”  

Rozic and Rosenthal will be joined by Susan Lerner, director of Common Cause, which has been dedicated to empowering and protecting the voice of the people in the political process by promoting equal rights, opportunity and representation for all. 

Lerner will provide voters with a breakdown of how ranked choice voting works and what to expect on Election Day. 

“New Yorkers deserve elections that lift up our voices, and push candidates to campaign better,” Lerner said. “Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is the simple solution that puts power back in the hands of the people where it belongs.”

Ranked choice voting was overwhelmingly approved by voters last year as an amendment to the City Charter. New York City will be the first municipality in the state to use this voting method for City Council, borough president and citywide races.

Under ranked choice voting, voters will have the option to rank up to five candidates in their order of preference. This new system is intended to eliminate costly runoffs and encourage candidates to broaden community outreach throughout their campaigns.  

“In the wake of our recent election, it is evident that New Yorkers deserve more from our voting system,” Rosenthal said. “As we stand poised to implement the state’s first ranked choice voting program, it is vitally important to ensure that our communities are informed and well positioned to exercise their rights.” 

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