Queens led city in solar panel projects in 2020: Con Edison

May 16, 2019: The 3.8-megawatt solar energy system on the rooftops of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan spans 9,600 solar panels across  22 acres. The rooftop solar project is projected to triple Manhattan’s solar generation capacity, and will be the largest private multifamily rooftop solar project in the United States at the time of its construction.
Photo by Willie Davis/Con Edison


Queens adopted more solar energy arrays than any other borough in the city in 2020, according to Con Edison. 

The borough completed 2,064 solar projects in 2020, more than any other New York City borough, according to the energy company.

Overall, Queens holds the title for the most solar panels in all five boroughs, with a total of 11,334. Of all the boroughs of New York City and Westchester County, a total of 35,712 solar panels were completed by the end of 2020. This has the capacity to produce 322.2 megawatts across the city and Westchester. 


“The pandemic caused a pause in construction and the recession created apprehension among people who wanted to invest in their homes and businesses,” Con Edison’s Senior Vice President Lenny Singh said. “But it’s a tribute to our customers that they continued to choose clean, renewable solar energy. Our customers are our greatest asset as we seek to lead our state and region toward a clean energy future.”

Con Edison is one of the nation’s leading energy companies, with revenue amounting to $13 billion annually. This year, Con Edison has enhanced its processes to make solar installation quicker, cheaper and more efficient, according to the company.

The solar energy created by Con Edison has the ability to cut down on 300,000 tons of carbon emissions and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by more than 64,000 cars. It can also power more than 4 million 42-inch LED TVs. 

After this week’s snow storm, Con Edison assured its customers that they would be restoring power, if necessary, as soon as it was safe to do so. The company projects another great year in 2021, creating more solar energy arrays and developing new way to save customers money on electricity.

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