Northeast Queens councilman announces start of $1.45 million Bowne Park Pond renovation project

Cropped Parks Map
Bowne Park map. Photo courtesy of Councilman Vallone’s office

A northeast Queens lawmaker announced the launch of a project that would bring significant improvements to Bowne Park Pond.

On Monday, March 22, work began on a $1.45 million contract for the pond’s upgrades, allocated by Councilman Paul Vallone’s office. Parks awarded the project contract for improvements to the nearly 12-acre park, which includes removing sediments from the bottom of Bowne Park Pond and installing a new aeration system to improve water quality.

This new project is part of Vallone’s allocation of $3.5 million to upgrade Bowne Parks playground bocce courts and pond in partnership with the mayor and Queens borough president.

“I’m very proud that the latest capital project is about to begin at Bowne Park. The renovations to our iconic pond will add to the serene beauty that is unique to this park. These projects along with the upcoming bocce court beautification community project will total over 3.5 million dollars and complete our promise to renovate and preserve the beauty of Bowne Park,” said Vallone.

Additional work on the current project includes repairing the connection from the pond to a nearby well so the groundwater, rather than city water, can be used to refill the pond; replacing stone on the pond’s edge; and clearing catch basins and storm sewer lines that empty into the pond. Work will also be done to reconstruct the existing asphalt path, and new plantings will be installed.

To ensure that wildlife remains undisturbed, the project will occur in phases so that animals can benefit from the freshwater retained in one portion of the pond.

“Bowne Park has long been a year-round destination for nature and park lovers alike,” said NYC Parks Queens Borough Commissioner Michael Dockett. “Thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council member Vallone’s generous investment, Bowne Pond will be restored back to its natural splendor with a brand-new filtration system that will provide a healthy habitat for wildlife and revitalize the park’s natural ecosystem.”

The Bowne Park Pond upgrades will take approximately 18 months of work and is scheduled to be finished by August 2022.