Queens councilman introduces bill to increase fines for excessive noise from car speakers

Councilman Robert Holden has introduced a bill that would penalize drivers with loud speakers. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Ryan)

Councilman Robert Holden introduced a bill on Thursday, Oct. 21, that would increase penalties for excessive noise from speakers on motor vehicles.

This bill would penalize anyone who attaches a speaker to the exterior of their vehicle with a $100 to $225 fine for the first violation. A second violation would be a civil penalty of $150 to $400 and up to $575 for a third. 

The police would also be required to tow a vehicle for repeated offenses. This bill would go into effect 30 days after it becomes law. 

“Without quality of life, we have nothing,” Holden said. “Monstrous speaker systems attached to a vehicle are not only a nuisance but very dangerous.”

Kevin Ryan, a spokesperson for Holden, said that their office has received many complaints about the blaring noise. 

“It doesn’t do much good if one these custom rolling speaker installations is confiscated but a judge gives it right back,” Ryan said. “It will also send a clear message that this nuisance will not be tolerated. It’s about deterrence and letting the police and judges use their discretion to solve the problem. It’s not about raising revenue. Keep in mind that these gigantic speakers attached to the outside of these cars have only one purpose: to play at extremely loud volumes that project a great distance.”

Ryan believes the bill could get bipartisan support since loud music has become a widespread issue in neighborhoods across New York City.

Holden has been known to prioritize quality-of-life issues, such as excessive noise, in the past. The council member has previously attempted to put a stop to loud noise in parks and quiet the illegal ATVs and dirtbikes on the road.