Bayside Saint Patrick’s Day Parade marches on this year

Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in September 2021. (Photo courtesy of Bayside Saint Patrick’s Day Parade)

The Bayside Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is making its return in March after the pandemic derailed the event for two years.

On Tuesday, the parade committee announced its decision to maintain the parade’s original date of March 26, 2022, at 1 p.m. “after receiving lots of feedback” from the community. The committee canceled the scheduled parade in 2020 and again in 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns but brought back the festivities in September 2021.

As in years past, the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will march down Bell Boulevard from 35th Avenue to 42nd Avenue.

From left: A. Warren Scullin (aide), Brian McGuinness (aide), Rita Lydon-Lenz (2022 grand marshal), Fran McLoughlin (president of the Bayside Saint Patrick’s Day Parade), Kevin Cadigan (aide), Rory McCreesh (aide). (Photo courtesy of Bayside Saint Patrick’s Day Parade)

“After speaking to members of the community and receiving lots of feedback, the committee decided to keep the parade on the Saturday. Please share and pass on this information to all your friends and family. We could all use a great day out after everything we’ve all gone through in the last two years!” the parade committee wrote on its official Facebook page.

Honorees for the annual tradition include Rita Lydon Lenz as the 2022 grand marshal and Kevin Cadigan, Sister Kathleen Masterson, Brian McGuinness, Rory McCreesh and A. Warren Scullin as aides to the grand marshal.

The popular Bayside event got its start in 2018 as a way to showcase the community’s strong Irish pride. Past parades have included participation from dozens of local groups including schools, civic organizations, dance groups, bands and elected officials.

To learn more about the parade, visit baysidesaintpatricksdayparade.org and facebook.com/baysidestpatricksdayparade.

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