Is NJ Diet a Safe Way to Lose Weight?


If you’ve tried to lose weight, you’ve found a plethora of different plans and programs available. Diet plans seem to come around quickly, especially when it comes to yo-yo plans that make it virtually impossible to keep the weight off. Unfortunately, these failed attempts aren’t just painful on our wallets; they can impact our body too.

Enter nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is a relatively new scientific study of how genetics and nutrition interact within the body. They help individuals determine how diet influences weight loss, particularly when determining the best weight loss option. Participants following a nutrigenomic plan study how the body functions genetically. Unlike generic weight loss programs that offer the same plan for anyone following the program, a DNA approach to dieting takes the individual wanting to lose pounds and puts it at the front of all planning.

DNA-based diets hold considerable success within the medical community, aiding all patients in losing weight and keeping it off permanently. The core belief of all DNA-based programs is losing weight through education and incorporating those findings into nutrition. The NJ Diet follows this specific concept, running DNA testing on all individuals on the program before customizing a plan to help their body heal from the inside out.

What is a DNA Based Diet Plan?

Nutrigenomics is a study of nutrition and genes and the influence they hold within the body overall. The interactions help doctors understand how interactions should influence the customized diet according to individual genotype. Once thoroughly assessed, medical professionals can establish a personalized plan for weight loss, focusing on the individual’s core makeup instead of generic methods.

The testing for the NJ diet is quite elaborate and specific, focusing on multiple types of testing to ensure accurate results for the patient. Testing includes wellness tests, saliva, blood, and hair samples. This analysis consists of 2000 biomarkers and 50 different genetic pieces. All these pieces connect to overall health, fitness, and weight. Results highlight how the body processes food consumed, including absorption levels overall.

Gene variants bring fundamental understanding for metals, imbalances, viruses, toxins, and other digestive issues within a patient, a valuable tool when setting a plan to heal the gut and improve absorption capacity.

How Does the NJ Diet Regimen Work?

This DNA-based diet works as a 40-day program to help the body heal from the inside out. All participants undergo extensive analysis before starting the program to understand the core functioning thoroughly. From there, participants follow a 40-day program of strict dietary regimen, along with any vitamin, mineral, or nutritional supplements. Medical professionals closely monitor all individuals while on the program, from the initial consultation to the final discharge.

The NJ diet functions by adequately calibrating the body for optimal nutrition and health, focusing on healing the body from the inside out. Participants meet with their medical team frequently to ensure the body is throughout detoxing and healing. When the body has repaired and healed, weight loss is significantly easier.

Is the NJ Diet Safe?

The NJ Diet is medically supervised, with extensive assessment and monitoring before the program. Participants undergo an initial consultation with their doctor, answering any questions or concerns an individual might have. From there, doctors use extensive genetic testing to determine a comprehensive health profile. According to genetic profiles and biometric scans, these results highlight the optimal approach to weight loss.

While following the diet, individuals meet with their doctor every ten to fifteen days. Close contact with medical professionals ensures accountability and monitoring. The medical team will regularly review the current plan, including current health and wellbeing, healing, and overall weight loss. Doctors may adjust or shift the strategy throughout the 40 days to optimize program success.

Finally, all participants receive the contact details of their medical team throughout the program. Individuals can contact their doctor with any questions or concerns between their scheduled visits. When facing program discharge, all individuals meet with their doctor for a final consultation. This consultation includes a genetic review, complete with ideal dietary requirements to keep the weight off permanently.

What is Required from Individuals on the NJ Diet?

Individuals following the program are expected to follow and maintain the customized meal plan throughout the 40 days. A patient will have to purchase the necessary supplements deemed essential for optimal health and wellbeing (this is done through the program directly to ensure maximum potency and the highest-quality products overall). Additionally, daily weigh-ins are encouraged to monitor ongoing weight loss. Finally, individuals must check in with their medical team every 10-15 days.

Who Should Follow the NJ Diet Plan?

Anyone struggling to lose weight following traditional weight loss methods may find the NJ diet particularly helpful. As a DNA diet uses genetic profiling to determine the overall health and wellbeing before starting the weight loss program, individuals are more likely to be successful. When focusing on biological processes instead of a standard approach, individuals are more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

While other traditional plans focus on appealing to everyone, the NJ diet shifts the attention to the individual. Participants are more likely to lose weight and keep it off permanently through education and information. The complete breakdown of the overall health assists individuals in understanding the steps they need to take to keep the weight off indefinitely.

Individuals struggling to follow complex weight loss plans will likely enjoy the detailed meal plan options. Some may find the NJ diet restrictive, especially as they adapt to the new lifestyle. It’s crucial to remember that all meal plans are customized to match your genetic profile.

The NJ diet focuses on significant weight loss overall. People struggling to lose weight (even with strict calorie monitoring) may find a DNA approach ideal. Participants with a large amount of weight to lose may find the NJ diet beneficial. Continuous tracking helps push accountability without seeming demeaning or condescending. While other programs offer low-calorie, prepackaged meals, the NJ diet improves overall gut health. Individuals are also responsible for all preparation of meals, building positive connections with healthy lifestyles overall.