Six NYC artists will create installations at LaGuardia’s new Terminal C

Terminal C art
Murals by 5Pointz creator Jonathan “Meres” Cohen (pictured) and the water feature in LaGuardia’s new Terminal B were so well received, six NYC artists will create new installations for the new Terminal C. (QNS file photo)

After the public art displays were well received by travelers in the new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport, including murals by 5Pointz creator Jonathan “Meres” Cohen and the one-of-a-kind water feature, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the selection of six New York City-based artists to create permanent large-scale art installations at Delta’s $4 billion new Terminal C.

The artwork will be commissioned through a partnership that includes Queens Museum, Delta Airlines and the Port Authority.

“As we continue to transform LaGuardia Airport into a world-class destination, we are committed to making the new terminal a celebration of Queens as the most diverse county in the United States,” Hochul said. “By commissioning renowned New York-based artists, countless visitors will be welcomed with themes of New York’s history, diversity and beauty. As we continue to build back stronger and better than before, Terminal C will serve as a lasting symbol of New York being the epicenter of commerce and art around the globe.”

Murals by 5Pointz creator Jonathan “Meres” Cohen and the water feature in LaGuardia’s new Terminal B (pictured) were so well received, six NYC artists will create new installations for the new Terminal C. (QNS file photo)

The six commissioned works are the creations of artists Mariam Ghani, Rashid Johnson, Aliza Nisenbaum, Virginia Overton, Ronny Quevedo and Fred Wilson. Their works include sculptures and painted ceramic murals that will span the building’s multi-floor light-filled entry space, as well displayed in baggage claim and other areas throughout Delta’s terminal.

“We are thrilled to be working with Delta Air Lines to commission new permanent artworks by world-leading artists who live and work in New York City, the most exciting cultural destination in the world. It is fitting that we welcome everyone, visitors and residents alike, with a new terminal presenting art that speaks to the city’s spirit and creativity,” Queens Museum President Sally Tallant said. “We’re grateful to all the artists that make New York City an incredible place to visit and live, and to Delta Air Lines for their remarkable vision.”

The art tells a compelling story about the city’s immigrant history, its people, and the importance of celebrating diversity throughout the city. The permanent works will welcome travelers as they enter and exit the brand-new Terminal C and represent a one-of-a-kind collaboration between an airline, artists, museum and airport to elevate the travel experience through visual art. These projects will weave inspirational, colorful and dynamic public art throughout the new Terminal C.

LaGuardia’s Terminal C.

“We are honored to share the talent and vision of these six incredible New York-based artists with our customers as part of the world-class experience that we will deliver in our brand-new, ultra-modern terminal,” Delta Managing Director Ryan Marzullo said. “Throughout Delta’s new Terminal C, we will showcase the unique perspectives of this amazing city, its people and its culture, further enhancing our customers’ journey every step of the way. We are grateful to Governor Hochul as well as our partners at the Port Authority and the Queens Museum for helping us make this vision a reality.”

The 1.2 million square foot Terminal C will replace the outdated Terminals C and D at the western end of the airport.

“We have set a high standard for all Port Authority facilities striving not only to provide travelers world-class functionality but also enable them to experience world-class civic architecture featuring public artworks that are inspiring and appealing,” Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said. “We’re delighted that Delta Air Lines, as the operator of the New Terminal C at LaGuardia, embraced our vision and partnered with the Queens Museum to commission six magnificent public art pieces created by New York-based artists.”

Additional information on the partnership and artwork will be unveiled closer to the Terminal opening in spring 2022. For more information on the Queens Museum, please visit their website here.